OCASD Publishes Guidance of ASD Evaluations During COVID-19

Posted by OCASD Admin on 5/27/2020

The OCASD has just issued a position paper on evaluations for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) while social distancing practices due to COVID-19 remain in effect. The Commission is committed to both timeliness and accuracy of ASD evaluations, whether they occur within the health care or the educational setting.  No one who is concerned with helping individuals with ASD wishes to delay prompt access to needed services.

The most reliable, standardized tools for identifying ASD were not, however, designed to be administered remotely.  Nor is there yet a well-thought out and reliable remote substitute for in person, face to face observation of individuals being evaluated for ASD. For these reasons, the Commission is issuing initial guidance recommending against exclusive reliance on remote technology to assign a diagnosis or special education eligibility of ASD.

Members of OCASD and its Screening, Identification, and Assessment (SIA) Work Group are engaged in national conversations among evaluation experts on the best strategies to balance timeliness, accuracy, and safety for both evaluators and those being evaluated. 

We expect to update this guidance in a few months and periodically thereafter in order to share evolving best practices with all of our Oregon stakeholders.