Commission Members & Contact Information

  • The Commission should consist of up to 17 members, who are knowledgeable about ASD and/or about systems that serve people with ASD. Members can serve for up to two terms; each term is two years long.  Agency representatives do not have term limits and may assign an alternative representative from their agency to attend meetings.  All members serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority. 

    Joyce Bernheim 

    Joyce Bernheim, Chair
    Position: Parent of an Individual with Autism
    Former health care business lawyer, parent of an adult son with ASD and intellectual disability.  

    Kathy Becker-Blease Kathy Becker-Blease
    Position: Higher Education  

    John Linn
    Position: Oregon Health Authority                                                                                Complex Care Innovation Specialist with the Child and Family Behavioral Health Team  

    Position: Department of Human Services


    Georgeann Harty   Georganne Harty
    Position: Oregon Department of Education
    Teacher and then administrator in special education since 1994, with many years in Oregon as an Autism Specialist. Low incidence disability specialist for ODE.

    Tina Meier-Nowell Tina Meier-Nowell 
    Position: LEA Representative                                                                           Northwest Regional Education Service District, Coordinator for Autism

    Paul Giger Paul Giger
    Position: Health Care Representative
    Psychiatrist with 20 years of clinical experience has worked at Providence in a variety of roles for 18 years. Oversee behavioral health program at Providence Health Plan including ABA policy and procedures.

    Michael Kennedy   Michael Kennedy
    Position: Member at Large  
    Debra   Debra Koutnik, M.D.
    Position: Medical Community / Physician  
    Mara McLaughlin   Mara McLaughlin
    Position: Health Care Provider to Individuals with Autism   
    Deb Patterson Senator Deb Patterson
    Position: State Senator
    State Senator (SD 10), former health administrator and clergyperson, Mom of an adult daughter with autism and an intellectual disability.

    Jessa Reinhardt Jessa Reinhardt
    Position: Parent of a child on the autism spectrum  
    Deian Salazar Deian Salazar
    Position: Member At Large  
      Allison Stark
    Position: Autism or Disability Advocacy Organization                                          Chief Executive Officer, Albertina Kerr                                                                  
    Darryn Sikora   Darryn Sikora, Ph.D.
    Position: Mental Health Professional  
     Placeholder photo of Mount Hood Hugh Magnuson
    Position: Health Care Provider to Individuals with Autism  

    To inquire regarding current and upcoming open positions, please email us at