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  • The Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder needs your input to let legislators and policy makers know the best way to serve autistic individuals and their families. Listed below is our current survey. Check back again soon for our survey on Accessiblity of Health Care Services for Autism.
    Please fill out the survey completely.  At the end, you will be offered an Amazon gift card as a thank you.

    Survey opened on April 21, 2023
    Survey on Need for Help Navigating Autism Services  
    Purpose of the Survey
    Many autistic individuals and their families struggle to understand autism and access services after they or their child has been determined to be autistic.  They may also face challenges at different points thereafter. 
    A service that many have found helpful before and after receiving an autism determination is called service navigation. Service navigators could help arrange for the evaluation, support people through the evaluation process, help them understand autism and the autistic person’s specific characteristics, and help the individual or family actually access the services they need.
    The purpose of this survey is to document the level of need for service navigation for autism. We need to know if you had or would have appreciated help from a service navigator for the initial steps of dealing with the autism determination (or at other points along the way).  The information gathered in this survey will be used to help shape Oregon policy on navigation services.
    Who Should Fill Out the Survey
    This survey is for Oregon residents.
    This survey should be completed by the primary caregiver of an autistic person or the autistic person if they were diagnosed as an adult. (one survey per autistic person).  If you have more than one autistic child, please answer the survey for the first of your children who was determined to be autistic.  Click on the link below to complete the survey.
    Thank you for sharing your input!

    Do you want to participate but would appreciate help filling out this survey? Please contact us at: