Commission Members & Contact Information

  • The Commission shall consist of up to 17 members, who are knowledgeable about ASD and/or about systems that serve people with ASD. Members can serve for up to two terms; each term is two years long.  Agency representatives do not have term limits and may assign an alternative representative from their agency to attend meetings.  All members serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority. The commission shall include the following positions.

    Joyce Bernheim Joyce Bernheim - Chair
    Position: 4 (EO: 4a) Parent of an Individual with Autism
    1810 NE Stanton Street
    Portland OR 97212
    503-702-1132 (Cell)
    Term: April 2019-March 2021

    Janeen Sollman Rep Janeen Sollman
    Position: 3 (EO: 4l) Appointed State Representative
    Term: 2019-2021 Appointed by Speaker of the House
    900 Court St NE, Rm H-487
    Salem, OR 97301
    503-986-1430 (Capitol) 971-205-2523 (Other)

    Bruce Baker
    Position: 11 (EO: 4j) Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)
    Term: Agency Representative (No Term Limits)
    500 Summer Street
    Salem, OR 97301
    503-945-9800 (Work)

    Brad Hendershott
    Position: 12 (EO: 4b) Columbia Regional Program, PPS
    Term: Apr 2019-Mar 2021 (2 years)
    833 NE 74th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97213
    503-916-5570 ext 78380

    Anne Saraceno, Co-Chair
    Position: 10 (EO: 4f) Medical Insurance Carrier
    Term: Feb 2018-Jan 2020 (2 years)
    3721 SE Grant Court
    Portland, OR 97214
    763-283-4866 (Work) 503-708-4656 (Cell)

    Corey Stump
    Position: 8 (EO: 4c) Health Care Provider with Services for Individuals with Autism
    Term: April 2019-Mar 2021 (2 years)
    10016 SW 36th Court
    Portland   OR  97219

    Kara Williams
    Position: 9 (EO: 4k) Oregon Department of Education
    Term: Agency Representative (No Term Limits)
    255 Capitol Street NE
    Salem   OR  97310
    503-947-5728 (Work) 503-689-5642 (Cell)

    The OCASD is seeking additional members. To inquire regarding current and upcoming open positions, please email us at