First Responders

  •  police office talks with young man with autism

    Rob Zink, an officer with the St. Paul Police Department in Minnesota, founded a program to train officers how to interact with people with autism. Photo credit: Leila Navidi/Star Tribune

    It is essential for first responders in Oregon to gain a basic understanding of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and how to respond safely and effectively and safely when situations arise that involve individuals with ASD. The OCASD encourages the following professionals to seek training:

    • Police Officers
    • School Resource Officers
    • Fire Fighters
    • Emergency Medical Services
    • Hospital Emergency Staff
    • 911 Center Staff
    • Search and Rescue Personnel
    • Judicial System Personnel

    New York Times: "The Police Need to Understand Autism"

    The OCASD has highlighted some videos and print resources designed specifically for first responders.


    Autism Safety Project
    First Responder Toolkit: A Guide to Searching for Missing Persons on the Autism Spectrum