We all have a story. We need to hear yours.

  • Our goal is to help make sure autistic individuals and their families can lead rich and fulfilling
    lives. We do this by improving the way that public and private services are delivered. The
    Commission is not designed to give information or services directly to individuals or their
    families, but we very much need to hear from you.

    “YOU” includes not only autistic individuals and their families, but also the many professionals who have devoted their lives to caring for and educating those with autism.

    What’s working for you and why?
    What’s not working for you and why?
    What do you need that you’re not getting?

    Your response will be used by the Commission and its subcommittees to help improve services.  Click here for an example of how one person's story can make a difference. The Commission and its subcommittees will not voluntarily disclose your story to others without your permission.

    To share your story with us please click here:  Tell Us Your Story