OCASD is Hiring!

Posted by OCASD Admin on 2/4/2020

Position Opening

Assistant to the Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Description of services to be provided:  The Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders (OCASD) is in need of support for a variety of activities.  This work will facilitate the smooth running of commission meetings, projects, and communications with the Commission and other outside entities.  Other duties related to forwarding the mission and activities of the OCASD may be requested, such as supporting the approval process for newly appointed Commissioners, purchasing, organizing and the contracting process.  This list is not comprehensive. 

The contract period is from as soon as possible (March, 2020) to the end of the current fiscal year (June 30, 2020) and is annually renewable if agreeable to both parties.  

Tasks Include:

  1. Following Oregon Public Meeting Rules;
  2. Announcement of Commission meetings to the public in a manner approved by the Commission;
  3. Scheduling meeting room space;
  4. Preparation of the agenda and minutes for each Commission meeting;
  5. Posting of approved minutes so that they are available through the OCASD website;
  6. Updating the Commission website as needed;
  7. Communicating with Commissioners on behalf of the Commission Chairman;
  8. Arranging and organizing activities for the Commission with the guidance of the Chair and/or Co-Chairs;
  9. Ordering refreshments and/or lunch at meetings;
  10. Preparation of reports as described in the employment contract or in the Executive Order of the Governor;
  11. Maintenance of subscriptions that enhance the work of the Commission (BoardBook, Blackboard, Zoom, etc.); and
  12. Any other duties assigned. 

Payment for services will be invoiced on a monthly basis by the assistant at a rate of $30/hour for up to 30 hours per month as described in the employee contract.  This rate and total hours will be reviewed at the end of the current biennium. 

The Commission Chair and contract administrator will approval all deliverables and invoices for payment. 

If interested in this open position, please submit a resume including at least three references no later than March 01, 2020 to the current Chairman of the Commission, Joyce Bernheim at joycebernheim@gmail.com.