• ASD Program Self-Assessment and Action Plan

    The Education Subcommittee of the OCASD developed the ASD Program Self-Assessment and Action Plan to help school districts and early childhood programs systematically review their processes and services to identify and implement improvements. The tool is organized for team to examine the the provision of: 

    1. Identification and assessment
    2. Qualified staff
    3. Family and community training and supports
    4. Appropriate development of IFSP, IEP, and transition plans
    5. Systematic program development and implementation

    The tool was developed following an extensive review of the literature including the National Professional Development Center's report identifying 27 evidence-based practices the National Standards Project Phase 2 identification of established ASD interventions, both reports identifying approaches captured under the umbrella of applied behavior analysis (ABA). The tool was extensively field tested and revised based upon feedback.

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    Who completes the ASD Program Self-Assessment and Action Plan?
    Each EI/ECSE, District, or ESD program will determine the appropriate team to complete the ASD program self-assessment and action plan. Each team should include a licensed ASD specialist or an ASD consultant with experience in the following areas: implementing systems for a range of learners with ASD, collaborating with leadership, and demonstrating mastery implementing the five components of a comprehensive ASD Program. In addition, programs should have access to supports from EI/ECSE, district and/or ESD leadership. Other team members include individuals with responsibility for implementing the action plan such as: learning specialists, speech language pathologists. The regional programs and the OrPATS Project also have staff available to serve as ASD coaches for the review if needed.

    When should the ASD Program Self-Assessment and Action Plan be completed?
    It is recommended that EI/ECSE, district, and ESD programs establish an ongoing review process for the ASD program self-assessment and action plan. Ideally, the ASD program self-assessment and action plan will be reviewed twice a year (at the start of the year and at the end of the year). Ongoing reviews are necessary to ensure that the established components of the ASD program are being sustained, instructional strategies are implemented to fidelity, and any additional needs are identified in the action plan.

    Can we get assistance completing the self-assessment process and/or implement improvement plans?
    School districts and early childhood programs seeking assistance with the self-assessment process and/or implementing improvment plans are encouraged to contact autism services within the Regional Program serving their county. It is highly advised to ensure at least one team member participating in the self-assessment process posessess specialized expertise in ASD evaluation and implementation of evidence-based practices.